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  • We now offer superior quality turbo conversion camshafts for your M50 non vanos engine. Well known problem of oem camshafts is high decrease of torque over 6200 RPM. Now you can solve this problem. Thanks to those camshafts torque curve of your engine will be flat even up to 7800 rpm 😉



      • 100% CNC made – HIGH QUALITY product


    • Turbo conversion type of camshafts – designed for M50 non vanos engine
    • SPEC: 282°/252° @ 11.00mm/9.50mm
    • Fits P&P to oem camshafts carriers
    • Improves turbo’s spool, idle speed (~750 rpm) of the engine are not oscillating or jumping
    • Using this product you don’t have to replace oem retainers, locks or springs
    • It is obligatory to use new oem valve lifters in conjunction with those camshafts
    • Perfect for turbocharged drift/drag spec. cars with M50 non vanos engine – 2 or 2.5 L
    • Professional installation is highly recommended
    • Each product has been quality tested – because only performance matters
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